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Medical research findings show that being suspended with the head lower than other parts of the body has multiple health benefits. Therefore, if you are wondering whether inversion tables work, this piece of writing will be a great source of information for you. Since the primary goal of inversion tables is helping you achieve more excellent health, be sure to check with your health care provider before making a purchase. Once you are confident that inversion therapy can work for you, check out the best inversion table for the money.

Best-Rated Inversion Table for The Money 2020

Best Inversion Table for the Money Reviews

1. EXERPEUTIC Inversion Table

This is an excellent product by Exerpeutic. It offers absolute comfort while inverting and will, therefore, guarantee you of perfect results. With the EXERPEUTIC Inversion Table, you can strengthen the muscles of your back comfortably. During inversion, it does not leave any pain on the ankles because its AIRSOFT ankle holder and technology gives ultimate comfort by allowing the flow of air into the chambers to fit your ankles and legs. This inversion is made more easy and simple by the 3 angles adjustable crossbar and 165-degree vertical inversion mechanism. If you do not have this, you have been missing a lot.


• The table has a sure lock ratchet system and a double lock ratchet tooth apparatus for additional safety during inversion
• The table is UL certified for safety
• It has a removable lumbar pillow that allows extra support to the lower back
• Has a full loop foam-covered handlebars that will enable a smooth return to the upright position


• The table is only ideal for beginners
• It has a lesser maximum weight capacity than other competitive models.
• It does not fully invert to 180 degrees.


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2. Innova ITM4800 Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Table

This inversion table is designed to offer maximum results and comfort to its users. It has a medium-range price and therefore affordable enough to suit your budget. Its popularity is due to its affordability. It accommodates most budgets and hence loved by many consumers. Innova ITM4800 is designed with a six-position-adjustable pin system that has an extra patent protective cover that allows easy positioning and safe inversion of the table over strap systems. Its adjustable head-rest and back-rest pad designed with large energy foam to offer maximum comfort. You will love this one


• Offers isolated heat and vibration therapeutic massage inversion
• Has an adjustable lumbar pad for extra comfort
• Helps save money and also comes with a warranty
• Comes with a user-friendly how-to-use manual


• The table is quite heavy.
• If used for more extended periods, the table feels uncomfortable for the ankle braces

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3. Innova ITX9900 Heavy Duty Inversion Table with Air Lumbar Support

Innova ITX9900 is a heavy-duty inversion table designed with different unique features that makes it more outstanding than other inversion tables. It features air lumbar support enabling you to control the extent of support that your back needs. The inversion table has an improved ergonomic ankle holding System that has extensive front and rear holders to alleviate the ankle pressures while inverting. Also, its six-position adjustable angle pin has an extra protective cover that allows easy positioning and safe inversion over strap system. The True Balance System guarantees you easy inversion.


• Innova ITX9900 has correct balance to let you invert easily
• Includes a one-year warranty
• Its extra protective cover will allow you to achieve your comfy position easily
• The over strap is for safe inversion


It is not suitable if you have small feet or if you are short since its ankle grips painfully hold little legs

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4. Body Vision IT9550 Inversion Table with Adjustable Head Pillow

Go for the IT9550 and experience its unlimited benefits. Designed with advanced technology, it has a removable head pillow and a lumbar support pad that allows comfortable results and excellent pad performance. It has a four-point stand, heavy-duty steel frame, with non-marring floor caps that gives extreme stability on any floor. The lumbar support pad is adjustable to target the upper, lower and middle parts of the neck, back, and shoulders. The Deluxe inversion table also features an upholstered memory style foam back-rest and a removable head-rest pillow


• Has a foldable design to help save your space
• Has locks to offer you convenience in storage and easy portability
• All its products are tested for quality and 50-point performance standard for safety


  • This elegant inversion table works best for the back but may not be very comfortable for the ankles.

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5. YOLEO Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table

YOLEO gravity inversion table for the money makes the inversion exercise easy. If well maintained, the tale is very durable, thanks to its heavy-duty integrated steel frame. The inversion table has various protection safety mechanisms; an adjustable ratchet ankle locking system and a safety lock pin system to ensure safety when inverting. It has a large tube-shaped steel frame to offer durability and 100% security. YALEO’S ergonomics design will fit the curve of your waist to help release pressure.


• It is certified for safety
• It has a precision rotation mechanism for total control
• It uses high-quality materials that make it outstanding
• It has a huge and comfortable padded back
• It has a desirable foldable design that compactly folds for secure storage in a small closet


• Assembling the table is a complex task
• Folding the table is somewhat difficult
• It is very heavy

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6. MaxKare Inversion Equipment Table for Back Pain Relief

MaxKare is one of the best inversion tables for back pain relief. With its lumbar support and adjustable head-rest mechanisms, the table helps reduce back pain relief. This is a trendy option for modern people who enjoy having rest in a flat table. It has three fixable positions; 30º, 45º and 60º to satisfy all your different needs. Similarly, the adjustable safety pin will allow easy positioning and safe inverting over the strap systems to meet your needs. The MaxKare Inversion Equipment Table also has dual-safety lock system to fix the adjust bar and avoid shaking.


• It is made of high quality steel making it stand out in the competition
• It has a qualified memory foam to allow back-rest
• It has an actual balance system that allows natural inversion
• It is easy to fold and assemble


  • This MaxKare inversion equipment table may not be a very durable option

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7. Bigzzia Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table

No matter how good the other inversion tables are, you will always have to settle for the one that meets all your needs. It is what you have been missing. This is an outstanding heavy-duty inversion table that comes with protection safety features like a padded head-rest and a protective belt to offer safety. Its heavy-duty steel frame makes the table durable and stable. We can never forget the safety lock pin system makes its safe and secure when inverting. The ankle support wraps very well and is comfortable even when used for long hours


• Its adjustment of height is easy
• Convenient to change the position of this table
• An excellent option to help boost your health
• Amazingly priced
• Its three-angle position rear crossbar allows easy inversion
• Has been certified for safety


• The table’s weight-tolerance ought to be increased
• It is quite tricky to assemble it; you may need assistance

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8. Body Vision IT9825 Premium Inversion Table

This one has a four-position side inversion pin which allows either choose the 20, 40, 60 or 90-degree position without having to reach the table. Also, its quality steel materials and scratch-resistant design make it long-lasting. Its all-body vision products are tested to a safety standard and a 50-point performance to guarantee you of nothing but best results. This is why you should go for the Body Vision IT9825 Premium Inversion Table


The advantages of the inversion table are:
• Its foldable design makes it portable and easy to store
• Has wheels that make it easy to have the table anywhere in a room
• With its support pad, you can use it in your car or flight
• Its non-marring caps help to prevent it from scratching your floor
• A good exerciser for neck, shoulders, and back


  • Body Vision IT9825 Premium Inversion Table does not accommodate those weighing more than 250lbs

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9. MaxKare Foldable Inversion Equipment Table

MaxKare Foldable Inversion Equipment Table uses high-quality steel that makes it stand out in the competition of best inversion equipment tables. It has three different fixable Positions; 30º, 45º, and 60º which will satisfy all your diverse needs. The adjustable safety pin allows easy positioning and safer inverting over its strap systems. This helps to reduce back stress and hence to stimulate circulation. The MaxKare foldable inversion equipment table has an ergonomic design that will adequately fit your waist curve and help in releasing pressure


• Its actual balance system helps in easy inverting
• It has an ergonomic and flexible ankle holding system for extra comfort
• It has a dual-safety lock that fixes the adjust bar and avoid shaking
• It is easy to fold


• The product is not very easy to assemble
• It’s also not a cure for all the back issues

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10. YOLEO Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table

This heavy-duty inversion table for the money offers you everything you can trust for safety. It has support features that provide easy inversion therapy. It also has additional safety features needed including a protective belt and a palm-activated locking system that will easily fit you. Nonetheless, with the durability of the product, you will see the worth of your money in it. Its tube-shaped steel frame can be easily adjusted making inversion therapy and exercises fun and smooth journey. This model of YALEO gravity has a 3-angle position system for the comfort of your back.


• It is a high-quality table made of heavy-duty steel
• The table works well for waist curve and back pain pressure relief
• Has an improved safety
• Has a dense and heavy-duty durable design
• Its durability is unmatched, if well maintained, it will stay for a long time without damages


• It is very heavy
• It is quite challenging to assemble and fold it

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How to Choose the Best Inversion Table?

This is a critical question that bothers most buyers when they are in search of the best inversion table for the money. For most people who are looking forward to purchasing this product, they would want to get rid of the chronic back pain that is bothering them. You may also be searching for the best inversion table to relieve your neck pain or ankles. The above inversion tables are our top choice and will satisfy all your needs. With the below buyer’s guide, you will have sufficient knowledge on choosing the best inversion table. Let’s take a look at the top factors to consider when purchasing your neck or back pain.

The Material – a product’s life depends on the type of used material. Therefore, to get the full value of your coins, be sure that the inversion table you choose lasts longer. This is a significant factor. Some top materials that are well known for their superb stability and strength are aluminum and are stainless steel. While choosing the best inversion table, you can rely on any product that has any of these materials.

The Durability – It is undoubtedly challenging to keep gathering your budget and make several purchases of this product. Therefore, ensure that the product you are want to purchase is tested for durability. Research and look at the users’ reviews before making a purchase.

The Popularity Level – Some products are famously known for their performance. This can help you reduce the headache of getting to know the best inversion table to settle on. You can as well ask people about the best inversion tables they know or have heard and look at the consumers’ reviews. You will undoubtedly find one that has a high popularity level. If it works well for other people, it is almost sure that it works for you. This is a cheap and easy way of finding the best inversion table.

Quality and Safety – Because this is medical therapy, it may contain some risks that are not worth venturing in. However, most of these risks can be reduced when you purchase an inversion table that is good quality making and has maximum safety features for your neck and back. A poor inversion table puts your body at risk. Also, purchasing one that is not properly designed is a poor investment to your health and money.

The Weight and Portability – Most sellers might trick you by selling a very heavy inversion table by using this a sign of durability. Honestly, this is not worth believing in since the heaviness is never a sign of longevity. Aluminum and stainless steel are lightweight yet said to be very durable and portable. Be sure whatever you are selling is not made of poor quality material and the “heavyweight” is not just a theory with no reality.

Stability – How about an inversion table that has a stable base. This allows you to have the right posture giving you relief from neck and back pains. Stability comes from an inversion table that is well-built with sturdy construction.

Do Inversion Tables Work?

Inversion therapy takes away gravitational pressure from the roots of the nerve. It then disks your spine then increase the space that is in between the vertebrae. In simple terms, inversion therapy is an excellent way to stretch the spine. Well-designed studies have shown that getting the best and authentic inversion tables will surely offer you with this helpful inversion therapy. Most manufacturers of an inversion table are always focusing on the health benefits that are likely to be gotten from their products.

Be sure to check the strengths, weaknesses, and all the possible safety concerns of the inversion table that you want to purchase. Once this is done, you can try out the inversion table and be among the millions out there talking of how the tables have been helpful to them. Inversion tables work.

How Much Does an Inversion Table Cost?

If you are considering to purchase an inversion table, it is an excellent decision to find a chiropractor or a physical therapist who has sufficient knowledge of the tables. The point is, you better spend a lot of time purchasing an inversion table for the money that will be helpful to you than quickly going for one that won’t last for long and will leave you with multiple health complications.

Basically, the type and model of inversion table that you will settle on will significantly be determined by the budgets of your pockets. Also, depending on the model, size, features, additional specifications and benefits attached to the inversion table, the price of the furniture will vary. The best inversion tables usually range in cost from around $100 – $400.You can, therefore, settle on one that will not leave you in debts and that will suit the budget of your pockets. Also, consider one that will be worth each coin spent from your pockets.

Top 10 Best Inversion Table for The Money 2020