Reviews of Best Inversion Table For Back Pain

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best inversion table for back pain reviewInversion therapy entails setting your body in a place where your heart is higher than your head. It also usually involves putting your feet up, literally upside down position, and other techniques where the head and feet are firmly planted in the ground while your heart is still elevated above your head. This is based on the premise of reversing the adverse effects of gravity and is one of the most advised treatments for back and joint issues, reducing mental stress, improving your nervous system, strengthening your immune system, combating the ageing process, improving your mental prowess, and detoxification.

Contemporary inversion therapy usually involves the use of inversion chairs, inversion tables, gravity boots or even the traditional yoga position such as head stands, hand stands and shoulder stands. But, which type is best for back pain relief? How to choose right one fit your back problems? Let’s check up now.


Reviews of Best Inversion Table for Your Back and Lower Back Pain

Detailed below are the best inversion table for your back pain and other physical discomforts.

#1. IRONMAN Gravity 4000 – Highest weight capacity inversion table with extended backrest and lumbar pillow

The Ironman Gravity 4000 is a sturdy inversion table for you to reduce back stress and stimulate circulation. It has a tubular steel frame, a nylon backrest made from memory foam and with a powder-coated finish. Its ankle cushion is ergonomically molded for added comfort and security. It has a non-skid floor stabilizers made from the tough rubber for added stability when inverting and flips of up to one hundred eighty degrees. For a maximum inversion angle, a safety tether controls your action.

Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table for back painThe table can be folded for a better storage option. The product weighs seventy-five pounds and measures 26 x 65 x 49 inches. It can support your weight of up to three hundred fifty pounds capacity.

The table has memory foam vinyl extended backrest with a lumbar pillow and double stitching. The pillow can be removed for added support to your lower back. It also has a patented and easy reach adjusting ratchet. It is “Palm Activated” with an ankle locking system.

The price is mid-range compared to the same inversion table product in the market.

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#2. Teeter EP-560 Ltd. – the ONLY FDA cleared inversion table indicated for back pain

The Teeter EP-560 Limited is the only Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared inversion table for your back pain and other ailments. It can handle extra long stretch max for additional stretching options and support. A trigger-point release provision for pressure nodes is at hand while a lumbar bridge assists and focuses traction on your lower back. It has easy angle tether features which can be preset at twenty, forty and sixty degrees for adjustability and rotational control. While fully inverted, a secure lockout feature is at hand for advanced stretching and exercises. A total control precision rotation is very accessible and easily handled through simple arm movements shifting your body weight for an effortless inversion and albeit returning to your upright position.

best inversion table for lower back pain reviewA patented wrap around and ergonomically fit ankle cups for added comfort and support for you. For maximum relief and optimized stretch, contoured bed flexes are added. The heavy-gauge steel parts have patented security features like cam locks, auto-locking hinges and specialized and durable pivot bearings.

The product can support your weight of up to three hundred pounds capacity. It can also be folded for easy storage without disassembling required. Storage dimension is 20 x 28.8 x 66 inches (50.8 x 73 x 167.6 cm). It can be assembled in five easy steps in an estimated thirteen-minute duration. An interactive 3D instruction can be freely downloaded to make assembly easier for you. Although the product is pricier than the other inversion table in the market, it also comes with a five-year full product warranty.

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Being upside down may induce a lot of stress for your circulatory and skeletal system, thus, may not be for everybody. A load of care is advised before you begin inverting if you have heart ailments and hypertensive conditions. But if you are given the go signal from your doctor, it may be time to explore the various healthy benefits inversion therapy contributes. Here are two special use back pain inversion table for you reference:

#3. Health Mark IV18600 Pro – Best Selling inversion therapy chair for back pain

inversion chair for back pain   Adjustable angle belt; Ergonomically inverts up to 70 degrees in the correct position
  Comfortable padded bench and nonslip feet
  300-pound weight capacity
  Quality service by a handpicked local expert; Backed by Amazon’s Happiness Guarantee

The unique design of the Core Inversion Chair allows you to invert at an angle of up to 70 degrees in the ergonomically correct position. The result is maximum effective gravity assisted traction at the lower lumbar region without the necessity of hanging completely upside down.

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Going upside down at a high angle, which is scary for many people, is NOT Necessary. You can now have a conservative, yet very effective, LOW Angle Inversion/Slanting option and feel secure to do it alone – no spotter will ever be needed. Gentle and effective approx 13 degree angle. Details below:

#4. Gravity Pal Traveler – Best portable low angle inversion table for travel

The Gravity Pal traveler is the only portable low angle inversion table (slanting table aka old style slant board) on market today. You can take anywhere.
Low Angle Back Inversion Table Review
  Time Saving and More Efficient. Gravity Pal takes less time – only 1 to 3 minutes per session is all you need. Fits easier into busy schedules and active lifestyles.

  Feet Never Restricted. With our UNIQUE 13 degree low angle and body gripping design there is no need to strap in your feet.

  For Everybody: Gravity Pal is beneficial for a wide range of physical fitness levels – from marginal to modestly healthy to athletically fit.

  Fold-able to 36”x16”x5”. Weighs 19 lbs. Designed for people up to 6’7″ tall and weighing up to 275lbs.

Why Recommend?
People say that: most gravity boots, hanging upside down and full inversion tables which can cause physical discomfort and often require someone present so you can get off the table. Most importantly this product is the No-Necessity of strapping your ankles so that you will stay on it – or stretching your leg muscles so much that they may not return to their normal shape.

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Below is a closer look at the healthy benefits inversion therapy provides and how to choose the right inversion table fit your needs.

Choose The Right Inversion Therapy Helpful for Your Needs

You may have done it when you were a child innocently frolicking in the playground near your home. Spider monkey antics and hanging upside down like bats. It is inversion therapy albeit the unsophisticated version. It has recently been widely known about the effect of inversion therapy for your back pains. After years of dedicated research, doctors, physical therapists, physical trainers, and scientists alike have united in their probe in the fascinating healthy benefits and effectiveness of inversion therapy.

Relieves herniated disc pain and mends herniated discs

inversion table for back sciatica and disc painThe soft discs in each vertebrae of your backbone act as a shock absorber and give nerves space to exit from the spinal cord to your backbone without being pained. However, your vertebrae and discs are pulled down by gravity as you sit and walk around the whole day. Compression of discs may happen and your vertebrae may be forced closed together. Herniated disc happens when your soft disc bulges out between your two vertebrae, most often than not putting your spinal cord in an intense pressure. Doctors usually recommend surgery when the pain becomes too much and your daily tasks are impeded. The 20, 40, 60 and 90 degree precision rotation with full inversion option Teeter EP-560 Inversion therapy table can be best choice, it can slowly and gently reduces the pressure in the vertebrae, allowing moving back of your herniated discs to its proper place. As a consequence, it reduces and eliminates pain felt due to the pressure from the pinched nerves.

Eliminates the necessity of back pain surgery

Doctors usually prescribe invasive surgery operations to alleviate your back pain. This type of surgery requires long duration to recover whilst feeling intense pain post surgery and your back pain rarely diminishes even after two years since your operation. This is the main reason why inversion therapy is a popular treatment for your back pain without resulting in surgery and experiencing the painful after effects. Some even attest to the total elimination of back pain after only a few weeks of therapy. For people of back surgery, there is a portable low angle inversion table for you reference: Gravity Pal Traveler.

Prevention of osteoarthritis and reduction of osteoarthritis pain

Best inversion chair for lower back painOsteoarthritis affects about twenty-seven million Americans according to the Arthritis Foundation. It usually involves the wearing down of your joints in the cartilage due to physical wear and tear and intense swelling. Ultimately, the cushioning in your cartilage thins or completely worn away resulting in a very painful sensation with your bones scraping as you do any physical activity. This debilitating disease primarily affects the knees, hands, backbone, shoulders and hips. Even though the ailment is not life threatening, it can severely cause intense discomfort to your everyday life.

The Health Mark IV18600 Pro Inversion therapy chair significantly lessens the pain experienced from osteoarthritis It can also slow down the progress of the disease, even stop altogether its progression which surprises a lot of medical authorities.

Reduction of pain from scoliosis and corrective scoliosis solution

Scoliosis is the abnormal curve of your spine which usually takes either a “C” or “S” shape. Luckily, inversion therapy can be done even for patients as young as children diagnosed with scoliosis. A much better option than putting them in a brace or cast that may feel like some kind of torture for them. Bear in mind that a child’s bone will fully develop between ages twelve and fourteen so starting their inversion therapy before that is a most helpful alternative. Another distinct advantage for inversion therapy as a corrective solution for scoliosis since it works on several fronts of the spine simultaneously so without knowing the cause of the disease is not a hindrance. This type of treatment can more likely reduce the pain and symptoms from the debilitating disease. Ironman Fitness Gravity 4000 is great help reducing back stress and stimulating circulation.

Helps clear your sinuses, easy breathing and improvement in circulation and heart function

The overall increase in circulation brought about by inversion therapy help supply your nasal passages with quality oxygenated blood keeping the passages moist and working efficiently. The inverted position assists in having a stronger diaphragm, hence, less labor in your breathing. It encourages deep breaths in which the lower part of your lungs will be filled with oxygen more often. The lower portion of your lungs is more purified therefore more efficient in oxygen collection than the upper counterpart. Your heart will not work as hard, when in an inverted position because gravity can inadvertently assist in pulling blood from the heart and an easier circulation of blood to your brain and to the different parts of your body. This will give your heart a needed downtime.

The blood to your brain will also release slow down signal to your heart via its neurotransmitters. However, if you suffer from any heart ailments, always consult your doctor before using any inversion therapy techniques. For this condition, the inversion chair will do much better than inversion table, you can try Health Mark IV18600 Pro, this model is the Best Selling inversion therapy chair in the market.

As much as the many healthy remedies inversion therapy provides, there are also needed factors to consider before rushing your way to buying inversion therapy products. Bear in mind to consult your medical personnel before volunteering yourself to any new technique.

You can choose one you fit your needs best:

There are different functional inversion device for different needs: